The College Board announced the development of the new Digital SAT in January 2022. International students are already taking the Digital SAT while U.S. students will begin taking the new test in Spring 2024. So, if you will graduate in 2025, you’ll take the new Digital SAT

The PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT 8/9 are also now digital while the digital PSAT 10 will be given in 2024. The new digital tests will still be given at school or test centers with a proctor present, not independently at home. Scoring ranges will remain the same with the SAT maximum of 1600 and the PSAT top score of 1520.

Why is the test changing?

The College Board is responding to student and teacher input.

  • Shorter Test Time. The Digital SAT will be nearly an hour shorter than the current version.
  • Shorter Reading Passages. Each passage will have only one question rather than many.
  • Calculators for All Math Questions. A calculator is provided within the online test, so no more worries about whether your calculator is on the approved list, and one less item to bring to the test.
  • Reference Sheet. A list of common formulas for math will be available online within the test.
  • Shorter Score Reporting Time. Instead of weeks, scores can be accessed within days.
  • Technology Equity. Students can use a personal device (laptop or tablet) or a device issued by their school or one provided by the College Board.
  • More Secure Testing. Bubble answer sheets risk damage or loss during shipping. If one paper/pencil test is compromised, often those for the entire room are cancelled. The Digital SAT provides each student a different test form which significantly reduces cheating issues.

What are the test changes?

Current SAT    Digital SAT (Spring 2024)
Three subjects:
Reading, Writing & Language,
Math (two sections)
  Two subjects:
Reading & Writing (two 32-minute modules),
Math (two 35-minute modules)
3 hours and 15 minutes (with breaks)   2 hours and 15 minutes (with breaks)
Paper/Pencil   Digital via the College Board testing app Bluebook™ (paper/pencil only allowed for selected students with accommodations)
Not adaptive   Multistage adaptive:
the first module of each subject includes a mix of easy, medium, and hard questions; if you answer many correctly, you will receive tougher questions in the second module
Multiple-paragraph passages with 10-11 questions per passage
  Reading & Writing:
A single paragraph (3-4 sentences) for a single question
Comprehension questions cover details, best-evidence, main ideas   Brand-new question types include:
Vocabulary in Context
Logical Completion of Text
Summary of Notes
Identification of Claim Support
Writing & Language:
Multiple-paragraph passages with 10-11 questions per passage
  Reading & Writing:
A single paragraph (3-4 sentences) for a single question
Covers grammar, some content analysis   Covers grammar with a high focus on commas, semicolons, and transition words
Two separate sections, one with a calculator brought by student (from allowed list), and one section without a calculator
Calculator allowed for all questions and provided within the test

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