MREA WEBINAR: College and Career Engagement for All Learners

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Webinar Description

We all want the best life outcomes for all of our students. Today, a high school degree is not enough to equip our students for a future in which they will have to compete with increased AI and low-cost foreign labor. Students need to understand that one of the following four outcomes provides them the best chance for health, happiness, and a financially secure future:

  • a two-year degree
  • a four-year degree
  • certification in a trade
  • career in the military

Providing students a ‘Why to Try’ strengthens school culture and improves engagement. When students understand the lifelong implications of maximizing their high school experience and plan for their post-secondary destination, everyone wins. Learn how MREA partner OnToCollege has partnered with over 800 schools to help get these messages to students through their engaging test prep and college/career readiness tools.

Presenter: John Baylor

John Baylor graduated from Middlesex School and then Stanford University. He is the founder and owner of OnToCollege. Tens of thousands of students have taken OnToCollege’s (formerly John Baylor Prep’s) in-person and online ACT® and SAT® courses.

John’s contrarian techniques have inspired students for more than two decades—improving scores, scholarships, and college choices. Used by more than 800 high schools in 27 states, OnToCollege’s online classes routinely increase an entire high school’s ACT average score 1-3 points and SAT average score 50-150 points.

It’s just one way that we help families and schools create two- and four-year college graduates with minimal debt.

John has authored several books, including the Eric Hoffer Award-winning “Reaching Higher: One Simple Strategy to Transform America’s K-12 Schools.

In 2020, John became an  ACT® Certified Educator™, reinforcing OnToCollege’s commitment to provide the most engaging and effective test prep to students.

Since 1994, John has been the radio voice of University of Nebraska Volleyball. He is a father, husband, author, tennis player, and golfer.


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