Understanding Financial Aid. In this episode of ‘Ask John Anything!’ John discusses two important types of financial aid, and tells you everything you need to know on how to best use these grants to lower your cost of college!

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OnToCollege encourages students to borrow no more than $5,500 per year—$22,000 total debt can be paid off by age 31 for about $250/month. By borrowing more, students may have large, life-limiting monthly loan payments during their 20s and 30s, compromising the only time in life when one is likely to be both self-sufficient and responsible only for themselv Families who candidly discuss money, debt, and college before shopping for college typically fare better.  Early in high school, families should have an honest a candid conversation about the family’s budget for college. es.No matter where your student wants to attend, make sure they have a financial safety school on the list!