More than 40% of students who start at four-year colleges, that’s nearly two million, drop out before earning a diploma. Yikes! (

So let’s become better college shoppers. Here’s how:

1. Find the right school for your student at the right price (four year, two-year, or vocational school).

2. Push your student to max the score and grades in high school— to get scholarships and avoid remedial classes in college.

3. Limit your student to no more than $5,000 a year in student loans. Getting a degree with minimal or no debt transforms lives.

And to you students, get tougher. Adversity will find you— that’s life. Battle through it. Effort will overcome a bad grade or two. Don’t join the two million.

And if you do go straight into workforce, find a grateful employer with a lengthy skill-building training program.