How do you motivate students to prep for the ACT & SAT tests when they don’t currently plan on going to a four-year college? Here are a few reasons test prep matters for every student.

Improves Core Skills

ACT & SAT prep provides further practice and boosts performance in grammar, math, reasoning, writing, and basic knowledge valued by employers. Some schools and states require minimum test scores as graduation requirements. Additionally, some employers ask about ACT & SAT scores.

Uncertain/Change of Plans

Students who are unsure or aren’t interested in college after graduation may discover later that they are ready after working for a year or two. ACT & SAT scores are valid for five years after the test date. Students might find the ACT & SAT much more difficult to take several years post-high school than while actively enrolled in core high school courses.

Community College

Though not usually required for general admission, ACT & SAT scores can exempt students from placement tests in math and English and prevent the need for remedial classes. Your scholars want to avoid remedial classes! Also, some specific programs (health sciences, nursing, engineering) may still require test scores. ACT & SAT scores may also be required if transferring to a four-year university. Plus, many community colleges offer scholarships based on ACT & SAT scores. Simply put, increasing that score boosts the likelihood of graduation from a two-year college.

Technical and Trade Schools

Many schools will accept satisfactory ACT & SAT scores in place of an admissions test. Some will offer scholarships based on ACT & SAT test scores.

Enlisted Military

Students enlisting in the military will need to take the ASVAB exam. Preparing for the ACT & SAT will help students on the ASVAB, which affects their initial job placement in their military career.


Most post-high school programs that don’t require ACT & SAT scores for admittance/placement still use test scores as criteria for awarding scholarship money.

Free Career Planning

Taking the ACT & SAT includes access to online tools to help assess strengths/weaknesses, abilities, and interests when planning occupations

Even for high school students seeking career paths without a four-year college degree, ACT & SAT test prep matters!