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Purchase Study Skills Courses

Test prep can be fun, engaging, and effective. That’s what we offer at OnToCollege. Tens of thousands of students have taken our proven, innovative, and fun ACT® and SAT® courses. After two decades of growth, our team of ACT® certified teachers helps students (and entire high schools) improve their test scores, scholarships, and college choices.

ACT Prep online and on your schedule. These engaging and effective video courses are full of test strategies and practice questions to help you maximize your ACT score. It’s perfect for the busy student who wants to prepare on their own schedule. Receive access to all ACT content for a full year.

What’s Included:

Access to videos (twelve 42-minute sessions) and course materials
Online quizzes and tests to track your progress
Three full practice ACT tests
Test strategies for each section of the ACT Course Curriculum

John Baylor ACT/SAT PrepOne-on-One ACT SAT Prep: Increase your ACT scores and opportunities for scholarships. Our team has studied the ACT, knows the ACT, and created a course that will help you jump your scores!

Our teachers make test prep fun! You’ll walk away with strategies and concepts that you’ll remember on test day (and the rest of your life!)

Purchase Study Skills Courses: The best paying job a high school student can have.

SAT/PSAT prep when it’s convenient! This guided course gives you the strategies you need to increase your SAT score in twelve 20-minute sessions.