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ACT and SAT Online Demo

Test prep can be fun, engaging, and effective. That’s what we offer at OnToCollege. Tens of thousands of students have taken our proven, innovative, and fun ACT® and SAT® courses. After two decades of growth, our team of ACT® certified teachers helps students (and entire high schools) improve their test scores, scholarships, and college choices.

ACT and SAT Online Demo

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“We have offered OnToCollege to our students for several years. The average scores for the whole group have increased by approximately 2 points, and we have had students increase their score by 10!


Since this program has been in place for our school, more and more students are taking the course before testing for the first time because they have heard from their friends that it works. If a student will really prepare and do the things that John tells them to do, they will find this preparation well worth their time.” ACT and SAT Resources

Angie Huseman
Tri-Center High School, IA

We strengthen scores, confidence, and culture so all students reach their best-fit post-high school destination with minimal debt.

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