Earn Higher than State-Average Scores

Increase your school’s composite ACT score by 1-3 points and SAT score by 50-200 points, while lifting the burden of test prep from teachers and counselors. Our easy-to-implement and engaging online courses are designed for all your 6th through 12th grade students, and will improve your school’s scores on any state standardized tests too.

What’s Included with OnToCollege

Engaging Videos

Don’t put the burden on your teachers and counselors. Our engaging videos show students where to focus their study efforts.

Quizzes & Assignments

Check student understanding with questions and assignments after each section to help them improve.



Test Strategies

Each session is full of tips and strategies to help students work smarter and confidently. 


Full Practice Tests

Practice makes perfect. With access to SAT and ACT tests, students can confidently prepare and practice what they learned.


“We have offered OnToCollege to our students for several years. The average scores for the whole group have increased by approximately 2 points, and we have had students increase their score by 10!


Since this program has been in place for our school, more and more students are taking the course before testing for the first time because they have heard from their friends that it works. If a student will really prepare and do the things that John tells them to do, they will find this preparation well worth their time.”

Angie Huseman
Tri-Center High School, IA

See OnToCollege in Action!

Experience the OnToCollege platform for yourself including all our online video courses, dynamic quizzes and practice tests, in-depth data on student results, course materials, and much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can we expect for score increases?
On average, our schools will see a 1-3 point increase in their school-wide composite ACT scores, and a 70-200 point increase in school-wide composite SAT scores.  School-wide implementation is key to success.
How do you implement OTC?
We will work with you on a strategy that will meet the unique needs of your school.  A school-wide implementation showing the videos in the classroom is key to your success. OTC is turnkey, making it easy to implement, and your teachers and staff do not need to develop a curriculum.
How is a school licensed to use OTC?
You will purchase a license that will be active for one year, during this time you will have unlimited access to OTC.  Our contract dates run from August 1 through July 31(school year), or January 1 through December 31 (calendar year).

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