Earn Higher than State-Average Scores

Increase your school’s composite ACT score by 1-3 points and SAT score by 50-150 points, while lifting the burden of test prep from teachers and counselors. Our easy-to-implement and engaging online courses are designed for all your 6th through 12th grade students, and will improve your school’s scores on any state standardized tests too.

Online Test Prep for All Your Students

All of your students deserve the best test prep. OnToCollege is designed to be added into the school day to provide test prep for all students, not just the highly motivated.


  • Schedules for full-year or semester courses
  • Yearlong access to outstanding resources
  • Engaging videos teaching test prep strategies
  • Full practice tests and quizzes
  • Solution videos for each question

Prepare for All Your Tests

OnToCollege gives you resources to prepare all your students in grades 6-12 for all the tests they need to take. Increase your school-wide scores with engaging and easy-to-use video courses, quizzes, and practice tests.

View our Suggested Courses by Grade Level.

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Take the Burden off Teachers

OnToCollege is as simple as clicking play. Teachers don’t have to create or teach the materials.

Level the Playing Field

All students, not just the affluent, deserve the best ACT & SAT prep. OnToCollege helps students increase their scores and reach their dreams.

What Our Customers Say

“I wanted to share our ACT results for the Class of 2019 with you. This is the first group to have gone through the OTC program. We tested more students than ever before AND outperformed the state. Our state rank in MN increased from 159th to 118th in one year!”

Brian Jones
Marshall High School, MN

“The average increase of the 35 students who went through the OnToCollege  SAT Prep course was 136 points! And eleven of the 35 students achieved an increase of 150 points or more!”

John Bonadurer
Terrell High School, TX

“Implementing OnToCollege with our entire junior class was one of the best decisions we made in order to prepare our students for the statewide adoption of the ACT.

Our students improved upon their predicted ACT scores by an average of 2.5 points. We could not be happier with this program and will continue to use it every year to put our students in the best possible position for success.”

David Moody
Westfield Area High School, WI

See OnToCollege in Action!

Experience the OnToCollege platform for yourself including all our online video courses, dynamic quizzes and practice tests, in-depth data on student results, course materials, and much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can we expect for score increases?

On average, our schools will see a 1-3-point increase in their schoolwide composite ACT scores, with many students joining the Five-Point Jump Club. Our SAT schools can expect a 50-150-point increase in schoolwide composite SAT scores, with many students increasing their score by 200 or more points!  Schoolwide implementation is key to success.

How does a school implement OnToCollege?

We will work with you on a strategy to meet the unique needs of your school.  A schoolwide implementation showing the videos in the classroom is key to your success. OTC is turnkey, making it easy to implement, and your teachers and staff do not need to develop a curriculum. Courses can be completed in as little as five weeks leading up to the test date (40-minute sessions per day) or 10 weeks (20-minute sessions per day). OTC includes enough resources to fill a semester-long course when combined with our College & Career Readiness course.

How is a school licensed to use OnToCollege?

A purchased license is active for one year and provides unlimited access to OTC.  Our contract dates run from August 1 through July 31 (school year), or January 1 through December 31 (calendar year).

We strengthen scores, confidence, and culture so all students reach their best-fit post-high school destination with minimal debt.

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