How it Works for Schools

Our ACT and SAT test prep courses are designed to be implemented during the school day so that ALL students — not just the highly motivated — receive effective instruction addressing strategy, motivation, and content for these important tests. Your teachers and counselors will appreciate our turnkey, easy-to-implement programs.

Online Test Prep


Increase your school-wide ACT scores 1-3 points and SAT scores 50-200 points with our engaging, online courses. OTC Test Prep is easy-to-implement, lifting the burden of test prep from your teachers and counselors, and can be completed by all your students in as few as five weeks.


College Counseling

Helping busy high school college counselors be even more effective and efficient-- so that every student can become a two- or four-year college graduate with minimal debt.


Hear What Our Schools Are Saying

“Love the students’ ability after each session to take quizzes that provide possible ACT score. Great immediate and appropriate feedback.”

Kathy Mahannah |TeacherWest Point High School, NE

“Excited to report a 4 point jump in average scores for our first group of students who went through OTC and took the ACT in April. We averaged about a 20.7 in previous years. We averaged 24.25 with our first group and even if we score closer to our average with our students doing the Fundamentals course we should be raising our scores!

Joel Swenson | Principal, Royalton High School, MN

“With a third of our students jumping their ACT score 3 points or more, we have definitely seen that students who apply themselves with this program see improvement.”

Kevin Shelton | Principal, Johnsburg High School, IL


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