College Counseling System


Help your busy high school college counselors be even more effective and efficient—so that every student can become a two- or four-year college graduate with minimal debt.

College Counseling System Tools for High Schools

The national student-to-counselor ratio is now 482:1 according to the American School Counselor Association (ASCA). That translates into very busy high school college counselors who often don’t have time for in-depth one-on-one meetings with students.

OTC College Counseling  System helps counseling offices be even more effective and efficient—and more fun.  Here is what’s included:


  • Three books
    • America’s Most Affordable Colleges: Our Definitive List of the Best, Lowest-Cost Schools
    • Platinum Guide for College: Finding Your Best-Fit College at the Lowest Cost
    • College Counselor’s Manual: Helping Busy Counselors Be More Efficient
  • College Counseling System Videos – Show in school, and assign parents and students to watch
    • Become a (two- or four-year) College Graduate with Minimal Debt
    • The ACT vs. the SAT
    • Finalizing Your College List
    • The College Visit
    • … and many more
  • Planning Materials to be used with students and parents, organized by grade level.  A few examples include:
    • Annual student survey
    • Counselor recommendation form
    • Student/Parent Guide to Successful College Visits
    • Family Community College Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will my counselors need to use the OnToCollege College Counseling System?

OTC College Counseling is designed to SAVE your counselors time.  We provide them with the tools to streamline and improve the process they are currently using with students.  We realize counselors are responsible for hundreds of students and more than just college application counseling.  OTC College Counseling System is designed to make their job easier.

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