Increase your school’s test scores.

OnToCollege routinely jumps school-wide ACT scores by 1-3 points and SAT scores by 50-150 points, helping individual students increase their scores and scholarship dollars. Our solutions equip teachers and counselors so your students can learn that test prep is the best-paying job a high school student can have.

What makes OnToCollege different?

Engaging & Motivational

Our courses are entertaining and encouraging, and we provide students with a “Why to Try.” 


Teachers don’t have to create or teach the materials. And students aren’t overwhelmed by our 8-page curriculum.



All of your students—not just the highly-motivated or affluent—deserve the best test prep. We have courses for students at all levels.  



Our 400+ partner schools routinely see school-wide increases of 1-3 points on the ACT and 50-150 points on the SAT.

Solutions for Schools

Online Test Preparation

Online test prep packages that prepare all your students for the test. With options for the ACT, PreACT, ASPIRE, and SAT/PSAT, choose what’s best for your school.

College Counseling

Help your busy high school counselors be even more effective and efficient. Give them the help and resources they need with the OnToCollege College Counseling system.

“I wanted to share our ACT results for the Class of 2019 with you. This is the first group to have gone through the OTC program. We tested more students than ever before AND outperformed the state. Our state rank in MN increased from 159th to 118th in one year!”

Brian Jones
Marshall High School, MN

“The average increase of the 35 students who went through the OnToCollege  SAT Prep course was 136 points! And eleven of the 35 students achieved an increase of 150 points or more!”

John Bonadurer
Terrell High School, TX

“Implementing OnToCollege with our entire junior class was one of the best decisions we made in order to prepare our students for the statewide adoption of the ACT.

Our students improved upon their predicted ACT scores by an average of 2.5 points. We could not be happier with this program and will continue to use it every year to put our students in the best possible position for success.”

David Moody
Westfield Area High School, WI

“Good news, we got our ACT scores back and had tremendous success after implementing OnToCollege. We had six students out of 46 score a 30 or above and our overall average came up from an 18.9 last year to a 22.04 this year!”

David Gilmore
Eureka Springs High School, AR


Want to increase your school’s average test scores? 

Don’t settle for a program that only works for students at a single level. See how one school provided resources to help students at every level increase their scores. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does OnToCollege Test Prep include? What does OnToCollege Suite include?

You’ll receive ACT Prep, ACT Refresher Course, PreACT Prep, SAT/PSAT Prep, PSAT Quick Power Prep, SAT Fundamentals, SAT Refresher Course, English Power Practice (in January 2021), Aspire For Early High School Prep, Middle School Matters, and Study Skills and Test-Taking Strategies. The package includes At-Home Access for your students. OnToCollege Suite includes all of these courses plus our College Counseling System, a set of books, video library, and online materials for students, all designed to help make your counselors more effective!

What is Study Skills & Test-Taking Strategies?

Study Skills is a stand-alone video, 20 minutes in length. John covers note taking, general study skills and habits, test preparation, etc. Test-Taking Strategies is 20 minutes in length.  These videos can be shown individually, or together.  They are a great resources for class periods where you are not able to get a substitute.  They are both appropriate for middle school -12th grade. We’ve heard from seniors who wished they had them earlier, but know it will help them in college.

How many schools use OnToCollege with John Baylor?
We have over 425 partner schools in 24 states.
Do you have any flyers or content that we can set out at our parent-teacher conferences?

Under ACT Course Materials there is a Communication Letter for families. It is in Word format so you can put it on your letterhead and change it any way you would like. It gives a good explanation of the course and why they are doing it.

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