4 SAT Questions to Spread Holiday Cheer. ​Try these festive-themed SAT questions for practice before the December test. It’s the holiday season! So grab a cup of hot cocoa and settle in…

SAT Questions for Reading & Writing

Spread holiday cheer with correct grammar!

SAT English Questions

SAT Questions for Math

Now on to math! Can you solve these questions and earn the right to eat one more cookie?

SAT Math Question 1

Solution for Question 3:
P = 3W
P + W = 52
(3W) + W = 52
4W = 52
W = 13
P = 3(13)
P = 39
Answer C

SAT Math Question 2

Solution for Question 4:
Porch Railing Length = 3(12) = 36 feet
36 feet = 432 inches of railing
432 inches 70 inches per strand = 6.17 strands
Need 7 strands to completely cover railing.
Answer B


1. C 2. D 3. C 4. B


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