How Social Media Affects College Admissions

College admissions officers do check most applicants’ social media profiles. Recruiters look not just at negative posts, but at positive ones, too. Share this blog with your students so that they can present themselves in the best light to college recruiters. How Social Media Affects College Admissions

The Common App Opens August 1

Remind your seniors to work now on Common App Essays (one prompt is new this year!) so they’re ready to apply when the app opens on August 1. In addition to the OTC Writing Strategies video in their Test Prep course, these resources can help:

12 Myths about College Applications

Students and families feel more anxious and pressured than ever over college admissions. Dispel these college application myths and help your students better navigate their college and career decision paths. 12 Myths about College Applications

Recommendation Letters 

Recommendations are critical for securing scholarships and acceptance letters. When it comes to writing recommendations, teachers and counselors play a big role in the college admissions process. Use these tips to help.