Do you know what questions to ask on your college visit? Here’s a list of great questions whether you visit in person or virtually. Download our checklist to bring on your visit. Add questions of your own and ignore those that don’t apply to you. Ask what you need to make your best-fit college choice.

College Visit Checklist

General College Information

  1. How many students attend the college?
  2. What is the four-year graduation rate of the students? Six-year?
  3. What percent of freshmen return for their sophomore year?
  4. What graduate programs are offered?

Housing and Food

  1. What percent of students live on campus? What about upperclassmen?
  2. What types of dorms or housing options does the college provide?
  3. What percent of students have cars on campus?
  4. How much does it cost to have a car on campus? (Parking permits, etc.)
  5. What meal plans are available?
  6. What other food options are available on or near campus?
  7. Where is the closest grocery store to campus?

Student Engagement

  1. What activities are offered for students?
  2. How regularly are sporting events attended by students?
  3. What opportunities in the arts and theater are offered? Do students regularly attend these events? 
  4. What clubs or activities are offered for students?
  5. Are intramural sports offered?
  6. What do students do for fun on campus? In the community?
  7. Is there Greek Life on campus? What percent of students are involved?


  1. What majors are offered?
  2. How are high school AP tests credited at the school?
  3. What is the student-to-faculty ratio?
  4. How many credits does the average student take each semester?
  5. Are first-year classes taught by professors or TAs?
  6. What is the average size of introductory classes?
  7. What is the average size of upper-level classes for my major? 
  8. How much access do students have to professors? 

Academic Opportunities

  1. Are there opportunities to study abroad? 
  2. Are there learning communities or an honors program?
  3. What academic support is offered on campus? 
  4. Are there career counseling resources offered?
  5. What internships or summer research opportunities are offered?  

Campus and City Life

  1. How safe is campus? What security is in place?
  2. How safe is the community around campus?
  3. How busy is the campus? How noisy?
  4. How integrated is the campus with the city and surrounding community?
  5. What opportunities are there to get involved and volunteer in the community? 

Financial Aid & Scholarships

  1. What is the total cost to attend?
  2. What scholarships are available to students? Which would I be eligible for?
  3. What is the average student debt after graduation? 
  4. What percent of students have jobs on campus? Off-campus? 


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