Powerful Test Prep for Private Schools

Increase your school’s composite ACT score by 2-3 points and SAT score by 50-200 points, while lifting the burden of test prep from teachers and counselors. Our easy-to-implement and engaging online courses are designed for all your 6th through 12th grade students, and will improve your school’s scores on any state standardized tests too.

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Online Test Prep for All Your Students

All of your students deserve the best test prep. OnToCollege is designed to be added into the school day to provide test prep for all students, not just the highly motivated.

  • Schedules for full-year or semester courses
  • Yearlong access to outstanding resources
  • Focus on teaching, not test prep
  • Practice tests and quizzes
  • Solution videos for each question

A Competitive Edge for Your School

OnToCollege helps you improve your competitive edge and set your school apart! By offering innovative ACT and SAT prep, you can invest in your students and build a culture of outstanding test scores.

A Powerful Use of Federal Funding

OnToCollege is an allowable use for ESSER funding through the CARES Act. With private schools eligible for this funding, schools can purchase OnToCollege, helping combat learning loss and jump ACT & SAT scores.

Hear from Other Private Schools

“We had a senior who used OnToCollege to improve his Science and Reading scores by 8 and 6 points respectively. He went from 29 to 33! He attributed his score to his online work with OnToCollege. In our class of 53 seniors, we just celebrated our 9th above-30 on the ACT! Thank you, OnToCollege, for your work and services!”

John Svec
Aquinas Catholic School, NE

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Experience the OnToCollege platform for yourself including all our online video courses, dynamic quizzes and practice tests, in-depth data on student results, course materials, and much more!


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