Use these tips as you start the new semester to prepare your teachers and students for the ACT with OnToCollege!

1. Review your optional fields.

As you begin a new semester, you may want to update the Optional Fields on your student uploads. These fields allow teachers to filter their students when reviewing online assessment reports. For existing students, the four optional fields CAN be overridden through the upload process (change homeroom teachers, or math class, etc.) or can be changed on a specific student’s profile. REMEMBER: These optional fields change the filters available for assessment reporting and WILL retroactively update on any previously taken assessments.

2. Add or remove students from courses.

To add, use your import templates from your last upload, and add any new students to the class, then upload the revised template to the desired course. To Remove, click on the specific Course, then select People in the left menu. Click the gray Manage/Deactivate Enrollments button at the top. It will take a moment to pull up all the students in the course. Filter and select a group of students or individual students, then click the green Deactivate Enrollment button.

3. Show the introduction and final sessions.

These videos are extremely important to your students’ test-taking preparation and include multiple strategies not covered in the subject-specific sessions.

4. Check these items in your ReportBuilder (the online assessment results): 

  • Use the Assessment Report By Group report to identify how many assessments have been taken by your students.
  • Access the Group Assessment Category Scores report to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your students. Quickly identify a category to be reinforced PRIOR to test day.

5. If you give paper quizzes or tests, keep them for a year. 

Some students have so substantially jumped scores, their test results have be flagged for review by the ACT. Online data or paper assessments can be helpful in proving their results are due to hard work and effort!

6. Encourage students to use the Final Countdown Review. 

This 120-minute review session can be a helpful final cram session in the days before the test! The course will be available on the Dashboard from January 23 – April 17.

Need more help as you prepare for the semester? Contact us or schedule a 30-minute training!