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Our school partners with OnToCollege to strengthen our students’ college and career readiness culture through effective test prep (grades 6-12) and college counseling tools. Together, our mission is to help create two- and four-year college graduates with minimal debt.

OnToCollege video test prep courses have a proven track record of increasing ACT/SAT scores and scholarship dollars for students. We will offer the course in school leading up to the test. Students can also use any of the additional resources on the website. These include additional subject prep, practice questions, quizzes, full-length tests, and more test-taking strategies. 

It’s our mission to strengthen scores, confidence, and culture so all students reach their best-fit post-high school destination. To get started, log in at

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College & Career Readiness: We also offer valuable college counseling and career readiness resources to students and families through OnToCollege. These include middle school to senior year checklists. college comparison guides, academic resumes, and more. All these resources are geared to help students and families make the financial and academic decisions to find their best-fit post-high school destinations.


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