Our students and educators need help and support, now more than ever.

OnToCollege is excited to announce a new partnership with EmpowerU, a proven SEL eLearning course that increases student resilience, persistence and outcomes while students earn elective credit.

Student social and emotional obstacles are rising at alarming rates, especially in light of current distance-learning challenges. It can be difficult for schools to find the time and place to support students in a way that is efficient, effective and lasting.

That’s why our new partnership is so timely. This partnership tackles two challenges that schools face: providing emotional support for struggling students and guiding students through the college admissions process. EmpowerU’s impactful content, combined with OnToCollege test prep and college counseling tools, provides holistic support for students and overworked school counselors.

OnToCollege test prep courses have a proven track record of increasing school composite test scores and increasing scholarship dollars for students. EmpowerU’s evidence-based strategies have seen 93% of engaged students make significant progress toward their goals, feel less anxious, feel more confident and have overall better emotional well-being.

“We are confident this partnership will equip students and school counselors with the right resources at the right time, no matter what the next school year holds,” said Betsy Arnold Bahn, an OnToCollege representative.

The next year holds a lot of fear and uncertainty for schools and students, and the increased stress is taking a toll on student’s ability to cope.

“Learning to navigate adversity is a life-long skill that is required for all learners. Our partnership with OnToCollege will help students overcome their current challenges, as well as prepare them to overcome the inevitable obstacles in their future.That is resilience—and it is needed now,” said Katie Dorn, EmpowerU Co-Founder.

About OnToCollege: OnToCollege’s mission is to help schools and families create two- and four-year college graduates with minimal debt. OnToCollege partners with over 440 schools  in 25 states to strengthen their college and career readiness culture through effective test prep (grades 6-12) and college counseling tools.

About EmpowerU: EmpowerU is committed to increasing student resilience, persistence and outcomes through a combination of online content and embedded virtual coaching.  EmpowerU’s SEL solution was developed by a team of mental health experts using evidence-based strategies and has a proven track-record of helping thousands of students successfully make lasting personal change.