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Powerful ACT Prep Right at Your Fingertips

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Test Prep on Your Schedule

ACT prep when it’s convenient! This guided   course gives you the strategies you need to increase your ACT score in just twenty-two 20-minute sessions.

Additional Prep & Solution Video
Additional Prep & Solution Videos

Watch a quick solution video for every question missed. You’ll find lots of extra resources in our Additional Prep.

Fun ACT Prep
Fun & Engaging Course

Our ACT course makes test prep fun! You’ll absorb strategies and catch phrases that you’ll remember on test day (and the rest of your life!).

3 Practice ACT Tests

Once you’re armed with our powerful strategies, use these 3 ACT tests to practice your skills and put what you’ve learned into action. #5PointJumpClub

Pricing Guide

Find the OTC online ACT Prep that’s the best fit for you. Prices vary by course and duration of access. Online quizzes and tests provide instant feedback and show progress.


What Our Students Say

Melinda Love
a week ago

This is an awesome ACT prep website!!!!!!!

I had a great time taking the SAT course with John, my score went up higher than I thought it would, he has a very personable style that helps you see different ways to approach math, grammar, and so on. This was really worth doing, thanks very much.

Lisa Van Stratten
2 months ago

OnToCollege is instrumental in preparing students for the ACT and SAT tests as well as finding the best fit college for the most affordable price.

Paige Henry
2 months ago

John Baylor really helped my 'jump my scores' as he likes to say - I scored much better on the SAT this time around than when I did in the Fall, and now I have more options available so this was a fantastic help!

Harvey Lowe
3 months ago

I had an amazing experience with OnToCollege and their in-person SAT test prep sessions. John Baylor was my instructor, and I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. His enthusiasm and energy made the entire experience engaging and enjoyable, even though I was preparing for a difficult exam. The sessions were well-organized and focused, covering all the material I needed to know for the SAT. The study materials and practice tests provided were top-notch, and I felt confident and well-prepared going into the test. When I received my test results, I was thrilled to see that I had scored above my goal and indeed 'jumped my scores' as John says, and this was thanks in large part to the incredible teaching and guidance from John and the team at OnToCollege. I felt like I had a strong foundation of knowledge and strategies, and was able to apply them effectively during the test. Really recommend you look at these folks if you need help with or want to just DO BETTER on your SAT, totally worth it!

Troy Fraser
3 months ago

I recently enrolled in OnToCollege's online ACT study prep class with instructor John Baylor and I have to say it was a fantastic experience. John was knowledgeable, engaging, and truly made the material come alive. The online platform was user-friendly and provided an interactive learning environment. I appreciated how John made sure to address any questions or concerns that arose during the class. With his guidance, I was able to improve my ACT scores and feel confident heading into the exam. I highly recommend OnToCollege's online ACT study prep classes and especially with John as your instructor. Thank you, John and OnToCollege, for helping me reach my academic goals!

John was exceptional with the way he delivered the material to help our daughter boost her SAT scores - now she has more options for the Spring than she did in the Fall, this was well worth the time, thank you.

William Ollis
5 months ago

Very convenient and effective test prep that you can enroll in online - we did this for our teens and they said they got a lot out of it. The instructor John has a good demeanor and connects well with the students. Our kids did well on the SAT and we know this helped a lot.

Alexandra Burrows
5 months ago

My Son was struggling with prepping for the upcoming ACT and previously wrote and got a lower score than he wanted. We were referred to Ontocollege from friends who's daughter had a huge improvement in her scores and confidence for taking these tests, so we decided to have a meeting with John Baylor. We couldn't be more pleased at how things turned out, John has a very friendly and engaging style in how he teaches, and my Son really got a lot out of the time he spend with them. End result was a very happy student and much improved score. Thanks John and team.

Lynn Taylor
6 months ago

I needed help with the SAT test and found OnToCollege online and it was convenient for me to do the training online. I found them to be really great at what they do. John Baylor really cares about his students and it shows. I was able to take the test and score well because of this prep and help.

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, ValueVery good man.

Drake Bryl
a year ago

Positive: Communication

Willy Wonka
a year ago

Say goodbye to test prep that’s overwhelming and just doesn’t work.

Fun and engaging ACT prep is the first step. Claim your 7-day free trial and jump your score today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect for a score increase?

On average, OTC students see a 2-3-point increase in their composite ACT score, with many students joining the Five-Point-Jump-Club. SAT Prep students can expect a 50-150-point increase in their composite SAT score, with many students increasing their score by 200 or more points!

Can I extend a Boot Camp course?

Once enrolled in an ACT (or SAT) Boot Camp (access to next national test date), the cost of the course can be applied to extend access for a full year of test prep from the original registration date.

Does the test prep package also include sample tests/exercises in addition to the videos?

The ACT and SAT Prep Courses each have three full practice tests,  plus multiple quizzes to measure progress. Kahoot!, Quizlets, and additional prep materials for each subject are also included.

Are test-taking strategies covered in the videos?

About 70% of our course content is subject-specific, and 30% covers test-taking strategies, college counseling, and motivation.

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