Some test-optional schools still require homeschool students to submit ACT or SAT scores as a needed metric to evaluate their application. International students may also still see testing requirements. Many test-optional schools also still require ALL students to submit ACT/SAT scores for automatic merit and other scholarships.

Generally, small private and large public universities tend to require test scores from homeschool students. As of November 2023, schools that require test scores from homeschool students include: John Brown University, University of Florida, University of Mississippi, University of Missouri, and the University of Utah.

The list of test-optional colleges that require a score to win a merit scholarship is long. Such colleges include the University of Georgia, the University of Florida System, Texas Tech, and many others. Further, applicants that submit a college-ready test score with their high school transcript have a competitive advantage against others who merely submit a transcript. There is no downside to preparing hard and jumping that score.

Many colleges have a special section for homeschool students within their admissions requirements page. With more families homeschooling, more colleges may make test requirements for homeschooled students easier to find. Homeschoolers have varying curricula and grading systems. ACT or SAT test scores can provide a standard to compare their application to those of other students.

In the meantime, maximize your chances of being eligible to affordably attend the university of your choice by taking the ACT and/or SAT. Practice and prep, and try multiple times to achieve your best score. For most homeschool students, test-optional is not really optional.