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How to Reduce (Or Raise) Your College Costs

The Cost of Attendance (COA) is calculated by schools (as dictated by Congress) to estimate the total costs of attending for one year. It not only includes tuition and housing, but also books, supplies, transportation, loan fees, dependent care (if applicable),...

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STOP! Don’t Sabotage Yourself Online!

Admissions officers, recruiters, counselors, professors, and future employers are checking your social media. They’re seeing what you post AND what you comment on other sites they also follow. And they’re often looking back (way back!) to your early high school...

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Debt, But No Degree: The College Dropout Crisis

What could be worse than owing tens of thousands of dollars in college student loans?  Answer: owing tens of thousands in loans, without a diploma to show for your time and money. Pulitzer Prize-winner David Leonhardt, Sahil Chinoy, and the Urban Institute researched...

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Parents: Stop Borrowing for College

Though parents should be focusing on funding their own retirement, too many are sabotaging their financial health with burdensome student loan debt: private debt or Parent PLUS loans. Last year, the average PLUS loan balance was $35,600. Nearly one in three parents...

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Parents: Have “The Money Talk” Before Junior Year

Our mission at OnToCollege is to help schools and families create two and four-year college graduates with minimal debt.  Thus, we encourage all parents to sit down with their students before 11th grade to have the ‘Money Talk.’ Long-time suburban Chicago counselor...

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College Admissions Game-Changer

Written by Mark Salisbury It’s a little weird to think that anyone out in the real world would perceive a call for transparency in college pricing as an idea that’s time has finally come. But such was the headline of an article from Washington DC last week....

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