Discover the power of the SAT to earn scholarships in New Hampshire 

It’s easy for people to believe that merit-based scholarships only make a difference for students receiving top scores on the SAT. But that’s simply not the case. This guide lists colleges and universities in New Hampshire, broken out by SAT scores so you can calculate how much merit-based aid your students will receive if they increase their score. 


Download your copy of the guide.

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15 Private and Public Schools for New Hampshire Students

This list breaks down the scholarships a student will receive at over 15 colleges in New Hampshire. Pick your SAT score (or your goal) and see how much you'll receive. 

Learn about New, Affordable College Options

Sometimes the best deals fly under the radar. Help your students discover schools they might not have considered before.

See How a Score Jump Can Increase Scholarships

Understand the difference a forty point increase can make in scholarships. Or see the results if a student reaches their SAT goal. 

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