The OnToCollege College Application Guide

It’s College Application Time! In addition to OnToCollege College Planning Materials in the College & Career Readiness course, these timely blogs can help answer college application questions:

The Common App Is Open 

Common App essay prompts include seven options, plus the optional community disruption question within the Writing section. Students, use these OnToCollege resources to help write your best essays:

How Social Media Affects College Admissions

College admissions officers do check most applicants’ social media profiles. Recruiters look not just at negative posts, but at positive ones, too. Students, here’s how to present yourself in the best light to college recruiters. How Social Media Affects College Admissions

Recommendation Letters 

Recommendations are critical for securing scholarships and acceptance letters. When it comes to writing recommendations, teachers and counselors play a big role in the college admissions process. Use these tips to help.