Want the best paying part-time job? Spend some quality time improving your ACT Score with these five proven strategies.

Tip 1–Improve Your ACT Score: Prepare early and effectively.

  • Set up your MyACT account online early.
  • Find engaging test prep that is still efficient and effective. Check out this site for suggestions on When To Begin Test Prep.

Tip 2–Jumpstart Your Score: Practice, practice, practice.

  • Consistent test-taking practice has shown to be one of the best ways to improve your test scores.
  • Some experts recommend studying for the ACT 8-12 hours per week for several weeks or months before a test. But it’s a good idea to limit that time to two hours per day to avoid burnout.
  • The best practice tests can be found in the Official ACT Prep Guide, an investment of under $40.
  • Many public libraries and school counseling offices have copies of this guide that you may be able to borrow.

Tip 3–Boost Your ACT Score: Have a plan for using the practice tests.

  • Use actual ACT Practice Tests to learn the format, help manage time and energy, and learn how to improve your score.
  • Do one passage at a time for the prescribed time: (English=9:00, Reading=8:45; Science=5:50; Math=1 minute /question).
  • Then immediately correct your answers for that passage. Seek to understand all of your guesses and mistakes. The key here is to learn from your mistakes!
  • Join our free OnToCollege Live Online Help sessions on the Thursday and Friday evenings before every national ACT date. But don’t wait to prep with OnToCollege until the night before your registered test date! Check out OTC well before your scheduled test.
  • Spend as much time striving to improve your ACT Test score as you would with a part-time job. Jumping your ACT score pays better!

Tip 4–Raise That ACT Score: Register for and take the ACT Test 3-4 times.

  • Thoughtfully select your ACT Test dates. Work with your school counselor and select the test dates that work best with your family, school, and extra-curricular commitments. (2022 ACT Test Dates)
  • Ambitious students may want to prepare for and take the June or July ACT after their sophomore year. Remember, rarely does anyone get their best score the first time, which is why test prep matters. Moreover, you can use this score to identify your weak areas and where you need to spend more study time. (If you score a 27 or higher on the test the summer before your junior year, tell your school counselor that you want to take the October Junior Year PSAT, which wins National Merit Scholarships.) 
  • Colleges don’t care how many times you take the test. However, December of your senior year is usually the last test date colleges accept for scholarship consideration. Check with your preferred colleges.
  • Consider Superscoring your ACT results. ACT now provides an automatically calculated ACT Superscore to all students who take the ACT more than once. Check out this site: ACT Superscore.

Tip 5–Improve Your ACT Score: Reduce test anxiety.

  • Practice, practice, practice!
  • Treat your practice test session as a real-life test day. Remove all distractions. Use a reliable timer. Stay focused. No food, no breaks, no phone.
  • Learn what relaxation techniques– such as deep breathing– work for you.
  • Get so used to taking the ACT that you will be prepared and confident when the actual day arrives!
  • Finally, treat your ACT Test Prep as you would a part-time job. Putting the time and energy into improving your ACT Test Score is the best paying job you’ll ever have!