As you look to apply to colleges, how many should you apply to? 

This blog shares how many colleges you should apply to and walks you through the types of colleges to apply to and the reasons why it’s so important! 

Let’s get started! 

How many colleges should I apply to? 

You want to create competition for your skills, so apply to at least seven colleges so that you can find the best college for you—at the best cost! 

How many colleges should you apply to?

This is important because if you only apply to one or two colleges, you might miss the chance to negotiate for a bigger scholarship or the opportunity to find the right college for you! If your heart is set on one specific college, you might miss out on another opportunity or school that comes your way. By applying to multiple colleges, you leave yourself open in case you change your mind or a better deal comes along. 

Why apply to so many colleges? 

One big reason to apply to so many colleges is because future goals and plans change. You might be set on one career and/or college your junior year and then learn more about other opportunities near the end of your senior year! If you’ve limited yourself to one college or one path, you might miss some opportunities (or stay in college longer, accumulating more debt than you needed to!). 

It also creates more competition. Just like people shop at different stores to find the best price or get bids on construction projects, if a college is interested in you, you can use other colleges to negotiate more financial aid or college scholarships

Many colleges, especially those looking to increase their enrollment numbers, want to know what it will take to get you on campus, which is why it’s important to negotiate your financial aid.  If you’re honest and respectful, you might be able to attend your best-fit college at an even lower cost.

Apply to Different Types of Colleges

As you make your college list, try to include schools from each of these categories:

  • Two universities
  • Two state colleges
  • Two private colleges
  • One community college

Applying to different types of universities and colleges helps you learn about what each type can offer, helping you find the right destination for you.

Choose based on Acceptance Rate and Cost

Another way to look at the seven colleges you should apply to is by the acceptance rate and cost. You shouldn’t exclusively apply to colleges that might be out of your price range! But you also want to aim high and chase your dreams. You never know what might happen!

  • Two dream schools: These are schools you might not get into or might be too expensive. But it never hurts to apply and find out! 
  • Two safety schools: These are two schools you are confident you will be able to get into and fit within your price range. 
  • Three money schools: These are schools that offer amazing scholarships and would make it easy to graduate with little or no student loan debt. 

Understanding what you can afford financially and what schools might be a great fit for you academically can be helpful as you look to apply to your colleges! 

How to Choose Colleges to Apply to 

As you making decisions about which colleges to add to your list, here are a few helpful questions to ask: 

  • Will it be affordable?
  • What scholarships are available?
  • Where is the college located? 
  • Can you participate in your main extracurricular?
  • How large of a school do you want?
  • What might your major be? 
  • What is the four-year graduation rate?

Asking good questions early on can make sure you have a great list of colleges when you’re ready to apply!

Use the Common App

If you are planning on applying to multiple schools that require you to write an essay, consider using the Common App. The Common App is an easy option to compile all of your personal information, transcript, essays, recommendation letters, and more to submit to colleges. It allows you to upload your information and then send applications to nearly 900 different colleges and universities from their platform. 

You still have to pay the application fees for each as well as fill out any additional information colleges might require, but why not save some time in the process? 

When it comes to applying to colleges, applying to at least seven colleges creates competition for your skills and helps you find the college that’s the right fit for you. Need help creating your college list? OnToCollege can help! Learn more about our
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