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Turn a small investment into thousands of dollars in college scholarships!

Hundreds of homeschool families have chosen OnToCollege for test prep and college counseling. Our courses are built by several former homeschool parents and students on our staff—so we understand both the challenges and opportunities for homeschool families. 

Special Pricing for Homeschool Groups 

 Share a one-year OnToCollege subscription for ACT & SAT test prep (both courses included) with families in your homeschool group. This allows families to receive the same engaging test prep and strategies, all at a lower cost than the single family price of $398 per year.


 $175/family with 6-9 families

 $150/family with 10-14 families

 $125/family with 15-19 families

 $100/family with 20-30 families

Contact joni@ontocollege.com or dee@ontocollege.com for more information or to set up your homeschool group. Bonus materials available to the group administrator!

Test Prep for Individual Families

If you are not part of a homeschool group or co-op, please sign up for individual online ACT & SAT Prep courses or our Study Skills & Test Taking Strategies Course and see how your student can jump their test scores.

College Counseling

College Counseling provides resources and planning materials to assist in the college search and application process. These tools include everything needed to find your student’s best-fit college at the lowest price.

The Best ACT & SAT Prep for Homeschoolers


    Homeschool students typically see increases of 2-3 points on the ACT or 50-150 points on the SAT.


    OnToCollege gives students the confidence they need to succeed, even if they have little experience with standardized tests. 


    Learning should be fun! Our courses are entertaining, encouraging, and captivating.

    Concise & Flexible

    These courses can be completed in 4-6 weeks leading up to the test date and fit easily into your typical school day. 


    “We tried self-study programs at home, first with books, then DVDs. Then we tried local in-person programs. Success was nominal at best. It wasn’t until we tried OnToCollege prep courses that we began to see results. We invested in online access for our children. It has worked wonderfully!”

    Homeschool Mom

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