Earn college credits and bypass college courses with CLEP (College-Level Examination Program) provided by the College Board. 2022 update: tests are $90 each with 34 subjects available.

What is the CLEP Program?

The College Board’s College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) has existed for more than 50 years. Exam fees are $90 each (some test centers may charge an additional fee, usually $25) for 2022-23, and you may select an exam date, time, convenient for you from more than 1,800 test centers. Registration tickets are valid for 6 months from date of purchase. Military personnel may be eligible to take exams for free

Each institution sets their own minimum scores to determine eligibility for credit. To determine which institutions accept CLEP credit, click here.

Get a second chance at earning credit for AP courses if needed (not all AP courses have a CLEP available). Save money and time (which is money!) to graduate with minimal debt.

How do CLEP exams work?

CLEP exams allow students to earn credits and bypass courses at the college level. Each college determines how credits will be awarded. Some colleges charge half the usual credit hour fees when awarding credit. 

But $90 plus half the regular credit hour fees still saves money over the cost of a full class, plus textbooks. And a 90-minute exam is shorter than a full-semester course.

A student may take any CLEP exam even if he or she has not taken or completed a course in the subject. CLEP credits can reduce the undergraduate college experience by a full semester or more, and can be taken while in high school or college.