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General FAQs

Online Course FAQs

Common Questions

What if I have to miss a class?

Please do not miss a session! If you must miss a session, make it up with one of three options:
1. All students have access to online recordings. If you miss a session, watch the video, then do the homework before your next class (no cost).
2. In-person students may attend the same session (Lincoln or Omaha) (no cost):  No need to notify us—just show up!
3. Complete a 90-minute tutoring session with an OnToCollege teacher ($100): scheduled at your convenience, subject to availability. Please Contact Us if interested in this option.

How to Access Videos and Course Materials

OTC Teachers and School Admins:

  1. Login to
  2. Your Dashboard is your initial screen.
  3. Click the Admin icon in the dark blue left menu.
  4. Click on your school name. This will display all the courses available to your school.
  5. Select a Course from the list to view the videos and materials within the Course.


  1. Login to
  2. Scroll down past the Dashboard announcements to view the courses you are enrolled in.  Click on the course card to gain access to the prep course.
Change My Password
  1. Click on Account on the left blue sidebar
  2. Click on Settings link
  3. Click on Edit Settings on the right sidebar (gray button)
  4. Check the Change Password box
  5. Enter old password once, new password twice (must be eight alphanumeric characters)
Resetting Student Password For Schools

Some schools do not allow outside emails to be received by their students.  The Forgot Password feature on the login screen will not function in this case.  School Admins and Teachers will need to reset passwords for their students:

1. Click the Admin icon in the dark blue left menu.
2. Click on your school name. Then click People.
3. For the specific student, use the Search People box.  Click on the student’s Name.  Click the Reset Student Password button.
4. Enter the new password twice. Passwords must be at least eight alphanumeric characters. Click OK.

What software and hardware is required to run OTC?

OTC can be run on any of the four major browsers, Android and IOS.  If you are able to play YouTube and Netflix videos, you will have no problem with the OTC videos hosted on JW Player.


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