Advanced Placement (AP) testing this spring was an entirely new at-home online testing experience. Some students that had technical challenges completed makeup exams during the first week of June. All of the AP test scores will be released in waves from July 15 to July 17, depending on your state.

AP Score Report Pricing & Timing

This year you can designate your one free score report through June 30. Beginning  July 1, you’ll be charged $15 per school to send your scores for standard delivery (7-14 days, depending on date submitted and school location) or $25 per school for rush delivery (5-9 days). 

This year, standard score reports ordered from June 26 through July 16 will automatically be upgraded to rush orders sent on July 16 (that schools will receive July 21-25). Orders from July 16 – July 23 will also be treated as rush orders (that schools will receive in 5-9 days) on the date you order.

Each score report automatically includes all AP test scores taken to date, unless you withhold a specific test score (at an additional cost of $10 per score per college) or cancel a score (free anytime, and is irreversible). 

Any colleges which you previously sent scores will not receive your current scores unless you send a new report.

Check your colleges’ deadlines for submitting AP scores—generally, you should send scores no later than July of your senior year. Some colleges won’t accept AP scores after you arrive on campus as a freshman. If you are concerned about meeting your school’s deadline, email AP Services or call 888-225-5427.

Your submitted AP score history can be found at  the AP score reporting system.

AP Test Scores & College Admissions

Colleges want evidence of rigorous coursework, which AP courses and AP test scores demonstrate. According to a College Board survey, 75% of admission officers said a low AP test score would not harm a student’s admission chances. But this means that 25% of the time, a low score could hurt you, most likely at more selective universities. 

Thus, you might choose to see your scores first, even if you then have to pay $15/school to send your scores. 

If you live in a state where you can see your scores on July 15 – 16, and place your score order before 6:30 pm ET, you’ll still get the upgraded rush delivery. If you live in the southeastern U.S., you’ll still have rush delivery, but your scores will be a few days behind.