Currently, ACT offers online School Day testing, and more than 40% of high school students take School Day tests online. In December 2023, 5,000 students participated in a pilot of online testing at selected test centers. Students reported:

  • Better Pacing thanks to the on-screen timer
  • Improved Efficiency with clicks rather than dull pencils and eraser marks
  • Streamlined Essays for faster, more legible writing without sore hands

Online testing is now available at some but not all locations. Check online test availability in your area

Fee waivers are valid for either paper or online ACTs. In 2024, those who prefer to test on paper will still be able to do so, and students can switch formats up until the late registration deadline, for a fee. Note: When registering for an ACT this year, you may need to choose “paper” as your testing option as not all test locations will offer online tests.

What are the changes for the online ACT?

Test content, length, scoring, and cost will all remain the same regardless of format, and testing must still occur at a test center, not at home.  You may still use scratch paper and your own approved calculator, regardless of the test format. Chromebooks and Windows desktops and laptops are the only devices allowed for the pilot, but other platforms may be added in the future. If technical difficulties occur during testing, you may be moved to a different device, or ACT will work with your test center to reschedule.

Online testing will include support for those who use screen readers, text-to-speech, zoom, and other needs for equal access. Many accessibility options will be available to all students. These include:

  • Choice of colors and color contrast
  • Magnification
  • Line reader tool (mimics straight edge used in paper testing for visual tracking)
  • Highlight text or parts of an item
  • Answer-masking or custom masking
  • Mark an item for review
  • Option eliminator
  • Indicator of time remaining
  • Online calculator

If you have a disability or are an English Learner who needs additional support, mark “yes” to the accommodations question during registration; then work with your school to request approval from ACT. Learn more about ACT accommodations policies.

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The Digital SAT is available internationally now and will be given in the U.S. beginning in March 2024. The PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT 8/9 are now digital while the digital PSAT 10 will be given in 2024.