Launching a New ACT Experience

Dive deeper to learn all about the 2020 updates for the OnToCollege ACT Prep course.


Stand-Alone Subjects

Each subject area is now completely stand-alone and subject-pure.  That means your English sessions don’t contain any math, reading, or science content. Just English. This change allows you to cover multiple subject areas at the same time or even include your test prep in that subject’s class.

Find the perfect fit for your schedule. 

For example, students can watch English Session 1A on the same day that they watch Math Session 1A. This allows for added flexibility for your teachers and students.

One Course for Every Student

If your school used both ACT Prep and ACT Fundamentals in the past, you no longer have to worry about fitting both courses into your schedule or dividing students into two groups. Now all students watch the same English, Science, and Reading sessions. For Math, all students watch the first three sessions and then split into standard or advanced math sections (if students have taken Pre-Calculus).

No more simultaneous classes.

This change means you don’t have to run simultaneous classes for ACT Prep and ACT Fundamentals. This makes it even easier for students to prepare for the test and for schools to fit it into the schedule.

New and Improved Design

OnToCollege is taking our newest course to the next level. Watch closely and you’ll notice improved lighting and sound, plus engaging graphics and animations, that make the sessions even easier to follow.

Don’t settle for boring test prep!

  • New studio and videographer
  • Engaging graphics + animations
  • Closed-captioning

Subject Updates

English: Better Than Ever!

Our 19 Grammar Rules continue to equip students with the knowledge to jump their scores in English.  With minor updates to these rules (based on recent tests), we continue to believe that every student who learns these rules and how to apply them (through lots of practice) can score in the 30s on English.

Introducing English Power Practice

In this new addition to English Additional Prep, John walks question by question through multiple English passages. The goal is to help your students Hammer the Grammar and get their best possible score on the English section! 

New Additional Flashcards 

We’ve added Quizlet flashcard sets so that students can review the Grammar Rules as well as master some of the commonly confused words that show up on the ACT.

Math: Powerful and Current

Our team analyzed every public ACT test over the last 3 years and categorized each math question, allowing us to determine which topics (exponents, functions, percentages, etc.) occur most often and at what level of difficulty.  We used this data to create our new math rules page and several new math questions in our curriculum.

More advanced content. 

Use the brand new Final 10 math worksheets to give students extra practice and instruction on the most difficult ACT Math questions (#51-60). Also, all of our additional math topics are now organized in 20-minute segments to fit better into 20-minute class periods. 

Reading: More Comprehensive

Our new reading strategies effectively coach students through this fast-paced test section.  We added Tips for More Points which give added instruction of the particulars of this section. 

Finally, John Baylor walks through three different Reading passages, showing exactly how to implement the different strategies that students learn in the course.

Science: Proven Strategies

Rely on fine-tuned strategies based on our analysis of recent tests.  We also added additional tips for the various question types that show up on the test. 

Our experienced science teacher scored a 36 on the ACT and has helped several students raise their score 10 points on the Science section.

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