OnToCollege Updates for 2021

Dive deeper to learn all about the 2021 updates for the OnToCollege courses.

Subject Updates to the ACT Prep Course

Math: Algebra Basics and Foundational Topics

Our team analyzed every public ACT test over the last 3 years and categorized each math question, allowing us to determine which topics (exponents, functions, percentages, etc.) occur most often and at what level of difficulty.  We used this data to update Math Sessions 1-3 with a new focus on algebra basics and the most-seen foundational topics.

Also, watch for new 20-Minute Math Practice Topics later this summer! 

Reading: More Comprehensive

Our new reading strategies effectively coach students through this fast-paced test section. This year,  reading strategies are fine-tuned to enhance accuracy and clarity for students.

A New Section Test

A brand-new section test will be included, with online or paper options, and solution videos for each question.

College Counseling Updates

New Family Checklists

New family checklists will combine the best of parent and student checklists at each grade level, streamlining for families what to discuss and do in each class year.

En Español! 

Based on customer request, these CCS documents will also be available in Spanish: Family Checklists, How to Find Your Best-Fit College, Deciphering Your Financial Aid, College Loans, FAFSA. 

Updated State Scholarship Guides

All 25 State Scholarship Guides will feature an updated $11K Paves the Way diagram, and updated scholarship data. Please post your state’s scholarship grid throughout the classrooms and hallways in your school so that all students, families, and teachers can know exactly how that higher score triggers more scholarship money at your state’s colleges.

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