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Brand NEW Canvas Assessment Platform

  • New and improved Assessment Platform based on feedback from you.
  • Intuitive and simple to use.

Key Features:

  • Students and Admins do not leave Canvas to take assessments or view reports.

  • Partially completed assessments can be completed later – no abridged tests.

  • Students can easily access previously completed assessments- review and watch Solution Videos.

  • Teachers can see ALL students, even those that have NOT taken an assessment.

  • Assessment scores are reported as a predictive score range (not percentage).

  • Additional Prep exercises can be done as online assignments and monitored by teachers.

We want you to use it!

OnToCollege Course Updates

  • Both the ACT and SAT Courses are brand new with new videos, course materials, and an updated look.

Updated and New Features:

  • More Kahoots! and Bell Ringers to keep test prep fun and fresh- a great way to review
  • Additional Subject Prep has been moved into each subject session for easier access
  • Less paper – only two documents to print for each student
  • No more SAT Fundamentals. Session 4 of SAT Math has a Standard or Advanced option.  Students who are either in, or have taken, PreCalc will complete the Advanced Session.

Easier Use and More Engaging!

Learn More:

  • Sign up here for an individual training session.
  • Login to OnToCollege.com to watch pre-recorded video training sessions and use documentation on your Dashboard.

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