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“Implementing OnToCollege with John Baylor with our entire junior class was one of the best decisions we made in order to prepare our students for the statewide adoption of the ACT. We slightly adjusted our school day in order to allow time for daily prep lessons. The data speaks for itself. Our students improved upon their predicted ACT scores by an average of 2.5 points. We could not be happier with this program and will continue to use it every year to put our students in the best possible position for success.”

David Moody | Principal, Westfield Area High School, WI

“The year before OnToCollege with John Baylor we had one junior score a 30 or higher; 22 juniors now have a 30 or higher. Back then our school’s average ACT score was 20.0. Now it’s 22.1. Over just three years, OnToCollege with John Baylor has helped our ACT scores and changed our culture—a lot.”

Dr. Dan Bertrand | Superintendent, Marengo Community Schools, IL

“The OnToCollege with John Baylor program has improved ACT scores across the country and more specifically within ESU #1. Our principals and guidance counselors have noticed a significant jump in schoolwide ACT scores after implementing OTC. Beyond meeting that critical need, OTC has also provided training to our schools with a blueprint of specific ideas to support college readiness and a model on how to motivate and support the needs of specific student populations in ESU #1. These resources support the ESU #1 vision of providing innovation, leadership, and service to our school districts. We are thankful for our strong partnership with OTC and its powerful impact upon increased student achievement.”

Bob Uhing | Educational Service Unit #1, NE

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