OTC Test Prep will jump your school-wide ACT scores 1-3 points and SAT/PSAT scores 50-200 points.

OTC College Counseling tools will help your busy counselors efficiently assist students in finding their best-fit college at the lowest cost.

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Test Preparation

Online and In-Person ACT & SAT Test Prep for all students.

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College Counseling tools for schools, counselors, students, and families.

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Important Dates

March 9 – Registration deadline for the April 14 ACT.  Register >>

April 6 – Registration deadline for the May 5 SAT.  Register >>

May 3 – Registration deadline for the June 2 SAT.  Register >>

May 4 – Registration deadline for the June 9 ACT.  Register >>


These North Kansas City Schools achieved great school-wide results after ALL of their juniors went through the OTC curriculum.

Hear What Our Partners Are Saying

“With 100% of our students taking the ACT, our average is 22.2, just 0.1 lower than the last year only our college-bound students took it (when only 55% took the ACT). This is the first time we have ever been over 22 since then—a great conversation piece with our community. Thanks OnToCollege with John Baylor— looking forward to your helping us with the SAT.”

Kevin Shelton | Principal, Johnsburg High School, and former Illinois State Principal of the Year

“I have been in education for 31 years now and this is the best program I’ve ever seen for increasing a student’s ACT score. I know because the research on my students shows the increase. One rarely hears students bragging and promoting an academic program, but they do OnToCollege with John Baylor. Our district is consistently rated in the bottom ten for being financially “well-off” yet we spend the money on this program because it is that beneficial to the students. “

Roger Ried | Principal, Southside High School, AR

“I started my teaching career with the support of the OnToCollege with John Baylor program, and it has made all the difference in my ability to help my students prepare for the ACT. OTC has allowed me to work smarter and not harder in my teaching. Of all the ACT test prep programs I’ve used, it’s easily my favorite because of the results it produces when the exam scores come back.”

Derrick Ford | Teacher, Livingston Central High School, KY

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with the full OnToCollege Test Prep package?

You’ll receive ACT Prep, At-Home Access for your students, ACT Fundamentals for lower-performing students, SAT/PSAT Prep, SAT Fundamentals for lower-performing students, ACT Aspire For Early High School Prep, and Study Skills.

What is "study skills"?

Study Skills is a stand-alone video, 42 minutes in length. John covers note taking, general study skills and habits, test preparation, etc. It is appropriate for middle school -12th grade. We’ve heard from seniors who wished they had it earlier, but know it will help them in college.

How many schools use OnToCollege with John Baylor?

We have over 400 partner schools in 23 states.

Do you have any flyers or content that we can set out at our parent-teacher conferences?

Under ACT Course Materials there is a Communication Letter for families. It is in Word format so you can put it on your letterhead and change it any way you would like. It gives a good explanation of the course and why they are doing it.

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