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The Good News About Nebraska’s ACT Scores

In the spring of 2017, for the first time in state history, all high school juniors in Nebraska took the ACT. All other states that have mandated the ACT have seen a cliff-like drop in their average score that first year. Nebraska’s average ACT score has now fallen as...

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My daughter is a high school senior

My Daughter is a High School Senior My daughter is a high school senior. We have visited colleges since last spring break—eleven in all.  She likes six of them and has added about three others that we haven’t visited but I think she’d love. Still, I’m in no way...

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Stop Bullying Teachers

Stop Bullying Teachers An experienced high school educator recently sent me this: “We have a lot of apathy in our school.  We also have kids that would rather take the easy classes to get the A rather than challenge themselves and risk the C.  Parents also have bought...

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Teaching Them to Fish

Teaching Them to Fish This week, John has invited Ann Herbener to write a guest blog. Ann has 29 years of experience as a classroom teacher and counselor. She is currently the college counselor at Papillion LaVista High School in Papillion, NE, where she has helped...

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The Top 5 Myths about the ACT

The Top 5 Myths about the ACT Jumping that ACT score is the best paying job a high school student could ever have, but still many myths about the test persist. Myth 1: Don’t take the ACT too many times. Actually colleges don’t care how many times a student takes the...

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What the ACT Mandate Means for Your Student

What the ACT Mandate Means for Your Student This spring Nebraska becomes the 16th state to mandate that all juniors take the ACT college admissions diagnostic test. All of our 11th graders now take a test that can actually help them– and us as parents. Higher ACT...

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Why ACT/SAT testing Is a Whole New Ballgame

Why ACT/SAT testing Is a Whole New Ballgame Recently I received this comment from a superintendent in response to a post on LinkedIn: “I’d like to eliminate ACT and SAT tests altogether. They are generally a waste of time, they favor rich students, and they don’t tell...

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