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U Chicago goes Test Optional

The University of Chicago, a highly selective research university, this summer became test optional, joining the ranks of many liberal arts colleges, some of which are selective. It seems likely that more selective research universities and liberal arts colleges will...

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Growing Grit

“I thought it would be more fun than this.  I would have never let you bring me if I’d have known it would be like this.” These words poured forth from my soaked and shivering 14-year-old daughter as she sobbed on my shoulder in the Brunswick, Nebraska Community...

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Can Money Buy Happiness?

A student asked me recently for my thoughts on money and happiness. Here are her questions and my responses. Do you think that money can buy happiness? Why or why not? Money can buy freedom— the freedom to fully pursue passions, to start a business, to get instruction...

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Television programming has emerged from its ‘Love Boat’ Dark Ages and entered its Enlightenment. One site celebrates “more than 500 scripted shows set to air in 2018.” Movie stars-- Brandon Fraser, Paul Giamatti, et al-- are starring on the small screen.  For the...

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College or Career?

A reaction from John Baylor to Bloomberg's article: The American Talent Initiative, a coalition of top colleges committed to increasing the number of...

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Summer is for Skill-Building

I sometimes see ambitious students spread too thin. They seem to think that multiple impressive extracurricular activities will impress scholarship committees and selective college admissions pros. But selective colleges seek impact, not a laundry list of...

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The Epidemic Facing American College Students

More than 40% of students who start at four-year colleges, that’s nearly two million, drop out before earning a diploma. Yikes! ( So let’s become better...

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