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Summer is for Skill-Building

I sometimes see ambitious students spread too thin. They seem to think that multiple impressive extracurricular activities will impress scholarship committees and selective college admissions pros. But selective colleges seek impact, not a laundry list of...

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The Epidemic Facing American College Students

More than 40% of students who start at four-year colleges, that’s nearly two million, drop out before earning a diploma. Yikes! ( So let’s become better...

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John speaks at Plainview High School graduation ceremony

John had the honor of being invited to speak at the Plainview High School graduation ceremony! Congratulations to Plainview High School for having the highest ACT score in the state of Nebraska! "Challenge yourself, especially during these upcoming years when you are...

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The Good News About Nebraska’s ACT Scores

In the spring of 2017, for the first time in state history, all high school juniors in Nebraska took the ACT. All other states that have mandated the ACT have seen a cliff-like drop in their average score that first year. Nebraska’s average ACT score has now fallen as...

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My daughter is a high school senior

My Daughter is a High School Senior My daughter is a high school senior. We have visited colleges since last spring break—eleven in all.  She likes six of them and has added about three others that we haven’t visited but I think she’d love. Still, I’m in no way...

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Stop Bullying Teachers

Stop Bullying Teachers An experienced high school educator recently sent me this: “We have a lot of apathy in our school.  We also have kids that would rather take the easy classes to get the A rather than challenge themselves and risk the C.  Parents also have bought...

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