Frequently Asked Questions

In Person Test Prep

How many sessions are in each class?

The In Person ACT class consists of five 2-hour sessions.  The In Person SAT class consists of four 2.5-hour sessions.

What is the cancelation policy for the In Person Class?

With notification prior to the start of the class, students may move to a future class. Refunds are not available.

What is covered in each session of the In Person classes?

Generally he teaches them in this order: Session 1: English and Reading Session 2: English, Reading and Intro to Math Session 3: Math and intro to Science Session 4: Math and Science Session 5: All 4 sections and Writing

What if I have to miss a class?

If a student cannot make an In Person session, he or she should attend the same session in one of our other OTC ACT/SAT Prep courses. No need to notify us–just show up. Please do not miss a session.  Students cannot make up a missed In Person class with an online session.

Online Test Prep

Does the Online Test Prep package include sample tests/exercises in addition to the videos?

The ACT Course has three practice tests, four online subject tests, and one quiz after each of the 12 sessions. The SAT Course has four practice tests and one quiz after each of the 10 sessions.

What is the difference between the online ACT course and the online ACT Fundamentals course?

Our ACT Fundamentals course is designed for students who have scored a 20 or lower on a previous ACT.  The course goes at a bit slower pace, and John does not cover the most advanced material.  ACT Fundamentals is also ideal for sophomores preparing for the Pre-ACT.

How long does access to the content remain available?

Our full-year plans include access for one year from date of purchase. Boot Camp plans provide access through the purchased test date.

What is your refund policy for an online course?

The Online Test Prep class provides immediate access. Therefore, we are unable to cancel or refund your purchase.

Are test taking strategies covered in the videos?

About 80% of the content is subject specific, and 20% is test taking strategies and college counseling.

What is the expected score increase?

On average, our students see a 2 point increase in their ACT score, and a 75-200 point increase in their SAT score.

Is tutoring available for a single subject?

Students who have previously taken our course may sign up for tutoring on a hourly basis. The cost is $70 per hour, and can focus on one particular subject or multiple subjects.

One-on-One Tutoring

What type of tutoring do you offer?

We offer tutoring for the ACT, SAT/PSAT, LSAT, GRE, and GMAT.

Is tutoring available for a single subject?

Students who have previously taken our course may sign up for tutoring on a hourly basis. The cost is $70 per hour, and can focus on one particular subject or multiple subjects.

Who are your tutors?

Our tutors are a combination of college students, teachers, and professional tutors. All of our tutors have achieved high ACT and/or SAT scores. Our tutors are all fully trained, and tested, on the material and strategies.

College Counseling for Families

What different packages are available for College Counseling?

We offer families four different OTC College Counseling options.

  1. College Counseling Boot Camp | Includes online access to College Counseling videos and planning materials. Also includes two books mailed to your home: America’s Most Affordable Colleges and our Platinum Guide.
  2. College Counseling Boot Camp + Planning Session | Includes everything above PLUS a 2-hour one-on-one planning session with John Baylor to provide a personalized road map for your college planning journey.
  3. Beginning to End College Counseling | Includes everything above PLUS ongoing College Counseling support and guidance through college selection with an OTC College Counselor.
  4. Beginning to End College Counseling for International Students | Includes everything above PLUS ongoing College Counseling support and guidance through college selection with an OTC College Counselor, who specializes in placement of international students at U.S. colleges and universities.
How long will I have access to the OTC College Counseling package?

Our College Counseling Boot Camp provides unlimited access for one year from date of purchase.

Test Prep for Schools

What can we expect for score increases?

On average, our schools will see a 1-3 point increase in their schoolwide composite ACT scores, and a 75-200 point increase in schoolwide composite SAT scores.  Schoolwide implementation is key to success.

How is a school licensed to use OnToCollege?

A purchased license is active for one year, and provides unlimited access to OTC.  Our contract dates run from August 1 through July 31 (school year), or January 1 through December 31 (calendar year).

How does a school implement OnToCollege?

We will work with you on a strategy to meet the unique needs of your school.  A schoolwide implementation showing the videos in the classroom is key to your success. OTC is turnkey, making it easy to implement, and your teachers and staff do not need to develop a curriculum.

What is included with the full OnToCollege Expanded Package?

The OnToCollege Expanded Package upgrade includes At Home Access for students, ACT Fundamentals for lower-performing students, ACT Prep,  SAT/PSAT Prep, SAT Fundamentals for lower-performing students, Aspire For Early High School Prep, and Study Skills.

What is "Study Skills"?

Study Skills is a stand-alone video, 42 minutes in length. John covers note taking, general study skills and habits, test preparation, etc. It is appropriate for middle school-12th grade. We’ve heard from seniors who wished they had taken the course earlier, but know it will help them in college.

What are the system requirements to run OnToCollege?

OnToCollege requires access to a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explore) and a strong broadband internet connection.

How many schools use OnToCollege with John Baylor?

As of May 2017, we work with more than 400 partner schools in 23 states.

Are flyers available to share at parent-teacher conferences?

Under ACT Course Materials there is a Communication Letter for families. It is in Word format so it can be personalized, and even printed on school letterhead. The letter gives a good explanation of the course and why students are taking it.

What is the National Clearing House?

The National Clearing House provides reporting on high schools’ two and four-year college matriculation and graduation rates.  These reports are comprehensive and can be received quickly.  All services are compliant with FERPA. Full Student Tracker services cost $425 per year per high school. Here is the link to register and to see sample reports.

College Counseling for Schools

How much time will counselors need to use the OnToCollege College Counseling program?

OTC College Counseling is designed to SAVE your counselors time.  We provide them with the tools to streamline and improve the process they are currently using with students.  We realize counselors are responsible for hundreds of students, and do much more than just college application counseling.  OTC College Counseling is designed to make their job easier.


Where and when do I register for the ACT?

Here is the link to the ACT website for registration information

Where and when do I register for the SAT?

At the College Board website students select a country and test site for their preferred test date. This link gives a complete listing:

What is the average score on the ACT and SAT?

The National average for the ACT is 21 out of a possible 36 and the SAT it is 1000 out of a possible 1600. In 2015 the SAT changed their scoring from a total possible points of 2400 to 1600

What did John Baylor get on his ACT?

In high school John only took the SAT and scored the equivalent of about a 31 to 32. Not bad– got him into Yale, Rice, and Stanford– but sadly not a 36.

Which calculators are allowed on the ACT?

The rules for calculators allowed during the ACT can be found here:

Which calculators are allowed on the PSAT/SAT?

The rules for calculators allowed during the PSAT/SAT can be found here: 

To improve one's ACT score, is it better to concentrate on improving strengths (ex. Eng. & Reading), or focus on boosting scores on weaker sections (ex. Math & Science)?

The answer depends on how large the point range is between section scores, and how much one could feasibly improve in each. Generally, a Composite score is more likely to improve with gains to the areas of strength. Score increases in any section can help boost a Composite score, but one is more likely to increase the Composite score with score jumps in 2 or 3 sections of the test, rather than a single subject score increase.

How can I listen to or watch the John Baylor Prep Show?

The Radio Show episodes can be heard here: The full show can be downloaded from iTunes here:

Why was there a fifth section on the recent ACT?

Several times a year the ACT will have a fifth section on the test to ‘test’ new material.  This section is not counted towards a student’s score.

What if I am unable to input my credit card information?

Some places of business and networks block purchases. Try again later from a different network.

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