Meet Our Sales and Marketing Team

Betsy Arnold Bahn


Betsy has worked with school districts for the past seven years.  Prior to OnToCollege, she worked with which provides reliable management and planning information to school districts, to help schools become more “data based” in their planning and decision-making.
Betsy and her husband Kevin have two boys, Spencer and Mason. She enjoys volunteering at her kids’ schools and playing many sports with her kids.  She also loves to spend time with her family at their cabin, enjoying many water activities.


Rob Mason


Rob has been teaching high school Physics and coaching football for 24 years. His passion for the mission of helping young people get to college with minimal debt comes from his own experiences. As the son of a single mother, he knew his college choices were limited unless he worked hard to achieve excellent grades and test scores in high school. His grades and scores earned him two scholarships covering all of his undergraduate tuition, so he obtained his Physics degree from Hastings College with zero debt.  

Rob currently lives with Joni and her dog, and enjoys biking, hiking, and craft beer.


Joni Schenkelberg Woodruff


After a 25-year career in sports marketing at IMG/Husker Sports Marketing and in sales and management in local radio, Joni joined our team in order to use her sales and marketing skills to help spread the word about the OTC mission. Her passion for responsible personal finance makes the “minimal debt” part of the mission her priority.

She has three children and two dogs. Kylie is a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha and has no student loans. Delaney is a senior at Peru State College, and also has no student debt to date. Sam is a sophomore at Peru State, where he earned a full tuition scholarship thanks to his four-point ACT increase after taking the OTC course. 

Joni enjoys spending time with her kids, her fiancé Rob, and her little mutt, Thor. She loves to play tennis and captains her USTA team, and likes to read, hike and bike.


Becky Voss


Becky is a graduate of the OnToCollege Program and was wowed by the results as a high school student by jumping 2 points after OTC, even after having jumped 4 points by studying on her own without OTC! Becky studied Actuarial Science at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. She has been with OTC since 2012. 

Becky and her three children live in Chesterfield, MO. She enjoys attending her kids school and sporting activities, reading a good book, and almost anything outdoors.


Gene Walter


Gene is the president and general manager of Big Red Printing in Norfolk, NE and is entering his 31st year in business.  He has been married to Becky for 32 years.  They have a son, Nathan, who is a senior at Dordt College graduating in May in Digital Media.  They also have three daughters, Annie, Katie, and Meghan.

Gene and Becky have home educated their children for 18 years and along with Nathan began representing OnToCollege to the home school community in 2011.


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