This week the JBP Show again busts the myth that a four-year college has to cost too much. If the student borrows up to $5k each year and earns up to $5k each year, many colleges then cost less than $500 a month.

00:00 Segment 1: Another four-year college for less than $16,000 (total) a year. Seth Miner, Assoc Admissions Director, Bemidji State joins JB.

09:00 Segment 2: Rigor and good weather for less than $16,000 (total) a year. Kierston Knaus of Southern Mississippi Admissions joins JB.

18:00 Segment 3: If you have a 30 or higher on the ACT, apply to this college– it could be free!

27:00 Segment 4: A college sophomore shows how to get a life-changing college education at a big university. Parker Nied of Iowa State joins JB.

36:00 Segment 5: This weeks Tweets.

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