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We Help Families

We Help Schools

We Help Families

We Help Schools

“I have been in education for 31 years now and this is the best program I’ve ever seen for increasing a student’s ACT score. I know because the research on my students shows the increase. One rarely hears students bragging and promoting an academic program but they do OnToCollege with John Baylor. Our district is consistently rated in the bottom ten for being financially ‘well-off’ yet we spend the money on this program because it is that beneficial to the students.”

Roger Ried | Principal at Southside High School, AR

“John Baylor and his enthusiastic approach changed the climate and culture in our school. We began using OnToCollege with John Baylor for our class of 2016 when they were juniors. Our scores have risen from 20.2 for the class of 2015, to 22.41 for the class of 2016, and to 24.25 for the class of 2017. The results speak for themselves.”

Wade Johnson | Principal, Warren-Alvarado-Oslo High School, MN

I joined the ‘5 point jump club.’ I improved my score from a 23 to a 28!

Emma Larson | Class of 2017, Bellevue West High School, NE

In-Person Test Prep

Each ACT & SAT/PSAT Course is five 2-hour classes offered in Nebraska

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Online At-Home Test Prep

Unlimited, on-demand Test Prep video courses to jump your ACT and SAT/PSAT scores

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One-on-One Test Prep

Your own live, one-on-one Prep Course—anytime, anywhere, with a personal tutor

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Test Prep for Schools

Online and In-Person ACT/PreACT & SAT/PSAT Test Prep

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College Counseling for Families

College Counseling tools for families and students

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College Counseling for Schools

College Counseling tools for schools

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